Pastor Reginald Lartec (Pastor Reg) was called to minister at the Fort Saskatchewan Church of the Nazarene in early 2016. He graduated AB Theology from Philippine Nazarene College. Throughout his call to ministry, he has served the Lord in various areas. He is fluent in English and Filipino (two dialects: Ilokano & Kan-kanaey).

For this page, we asked some rapid-fire questions with Pastor Reg about some of his favourites, here are the questions and his responses:

  • Colour: Brown.
  • Food: Fruit? Mangusteen. Dish? Korean! I love spicy foods.
  • Sport: Nothing, but I loved to hike, now picking up biking.
  • Animal: I think I’m starting to like Blue Jays, there’s a family on the tree by the church.
  • Speaker: Charles Swindoll and Billy Graham. Filipino: Dr. Angelito Agbuya
  • Bible Book: I like the Gospel of John.
  • Non-Bible Book: Thomas A’Kempis’ “Imitation of Christ”, Louis deWohl’s “Set All Afire” (A novel of St. Francis Xavier).
  • Bible Version: I like King James for its poetic accent and I like the Living Translation for its simplicity.
  • Bible Verse: Romans 7:24-25
  • Song: Hymn: John Newton’s “Amazing Grace”; Contemporary: Keith and Kristyn Getty’s “In Christ Alone.”
  • Instrument: I play guitar a little bit, but if I’d wish I could play another instrument, I’d wish I can play violin or cello.
  • Movie: “Les Miserables” (the Liam Neeson version and the musical as well) and “Ben-Hur, The Tale of the Christ” (the Charlton Heston version).
  • Fast Food: I’d say Jolibee but I’m in Canada so I’d say Tim Hortons.